Embedded Software Engineer

Entry Level

Full time

Rutland, UK

28,000 - 40,000

What you'll do

  • Work collaboratively with a multidisciplinary R&D team covering mechanical, electrical, electronic and software engineering, developing products for international clients. 
  • Product development from concept through to manufacturing. 
  • Hands-on prototyping and testing. 
  • Generate and review schematic drawings of electronic circuits with embedded microcontrollers. 
  • Create and own design documentation. 
  • Implement and test real time embedded control software for 16 bit and 32 bit microcontrollers. 
  • Develop and simulate models of controllers using mathematical tools such as MATLAB. 

Essential Skills

  • Self-motivated. 
  • Enjoy a technical challenge. 
  • Someone who has excellent attention to detail.
  • Someone who has excellent visual and verbal communication skills. 
  • Willingness to test power electronic circuits in the laboratory. 
  • Enthusiasm to learn. 
  • Prepared to travel. 

Desirable Skills

  • A graduate of Electrical/Electronic/Control/Computer Engineering/Physics or equivalent. 
  • High attention to detail and the ability to work under limited supervision to tight deadlines. 
  • Knowledge of C/C++/Python.
  • Experience with microcontroller programming for embedded control. 
  • Experience in feedback circuits from sensors such as current sensors, signal filtering, design of noise free interfacing to digital and analog inputs. 
  • Mathematical modelling including experience with numerical analysis tools such as Mathematica or Matlab. 
  • Knowledge of data interfacing and communication protcols. 
  • Ability to create and analyse control systems for real time control of electrical systems.  

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