We are Faster Quieter Smoother

120,000 rpm

Maximum speed of our turbochargers

50 dB

Less noise than a comparable design

250 Nm

Maximum torque of our flux switching machines


That's 0 - 120,000rpm in


PWM frequency in our SiC inverters

12V - 800V

Our inverters can deal with any voltage


That's 0 - 120,000rpm in


Efficiency of our magnet-free designs

0 rpm

The minimum speed for sensorless control

Sanden Air Conditioning

DeWalt Table Saw

Technelec have continuously pushed the boundaries of technology, I would always back them to innovate above and beyond the competition

John Kenwood

Chevy Volt Electric Brakes

Kenwood Cake Mixer

Small 400V Motor

Fishing Boat Motor